Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Let the good times roll...

So I took a week and went on a little solo road trip to visit my good friends down in Texas. It was wonderful catching up and just having the time to relax and properly visit. I brough along a old digital camera and the LCD was busted so I only took 6 pictures on my trip.

The valet at some restaurant in Downtown Fort Worth.
Michele driving us around...
Jamie Kay, Jenny and I in Austin.
Jamie Kay, Emily and I in Fort Worth. Since this photo was taken Emily and Jason welcomed Baby Brody. Go team Littlejohn!


So we celebrated Greta's birthday four times over the month of August. Three small family gatherings and then one big party at the pool with all her friends. It's hard to get all our families together for one big party - so we broke it up into little gatherings.

Pool party with friends...
The big day - August 4th. Cody is REALLY excited!
Celebrating with the Kotniks al fresco.
Celebrating with the Swees and Seutters. The legs in this photo belong to my brother and his sweet girlfriend Angela.