Monday, July 21, 2008


from the usual 9pm bedtime. And how did I spend my first late night out in almost a year (okay - I did spend one late night in the ER with Greta because she had a mild concussion) I went out with my friends Ali and Jill to the George Michael concert. Ali is a huge fan and could sing along to all the songs while I knew about 75 percent. It was a really good show and it only took me a week to catch up on my missed sleep. Golly I'm getting old and out of practice!

Friday, July 18, 2008

For my good friend Jenny Johnson

So my friend Jenny inspired me to start a blog. She does a great job of keeping us all up to date on her life. She is one of those people that has a million friends and yet you always feel like you are a top priority for her.

Anyway - Jenny is Swedish and proud of her heritage. I've been visiting the American Swedish Institute more frequently lately and I always think of Jenny when I go. Currently they have an exhibition of Queen Silvia's Nobel Prize Gowns. Since Greta wants to be a princess (and a robot, and a ballerina and a superhero) when she grows up I thought we should go and see the exhibit.

This picture was taken right before we got in trouble for taking pictures of the dresses. We took about 30 before they finally stopped us. I must admit I did look for a "no pictures" sign and I didn't see one.
Ingrid and I liked this blue dress.

Playing on the steps outside the "castle."

Greta has a sudden interest in castles, princesses and Paris. Everytime we drive by the Catholic Basillica in Minneapolis Greta always says "Are we in Paris now?"


Greta has the sweetest hair. It's so blond and soft and fine. However - I'm used to my dark, think, corse hair and I cannot figure out how to style hers. I need to take some community ed class or something because I am not making good hair decisions on her part.

These pigtails are okay - but they always look lopsided to me.

This comb-out was a bad idea. I wouldn't last a day on those reality salon shows!


So I think this is one of my favorite pictures of the year. We have a few variations of it - but this one is just the best.

We say it's your birthday and I don't have a picture of it!

We also celebrated with Grandma Shirley but I can't find a picture so here's us on Mother's Day instead...

You say it's your birthday...

So we've had a lot of fun celebrating birthdays this year. Here are a few recaps...

Derek's 30th in March. This was Ingrid's and Greta's first bowling party. Grandpa Seutter's 92 in January...

Great Grandpa Swee
Zak turned 30 as well this year.
June 22 - Great Grandma Swee