Sunday, February 3, 2008

Six month photos

Here are pictures of both Greta and Ingrid around six months...

A room with a view

Greta has gracefully moved from a crib into a big girl bed. She loves the new bed - mostly because she has about 25-30 items surrounding her at all times. Here's a short list of some of the items I found while changing her bedding today:
Library card
10-15 stuffed animals including her favorites - Ornament the cat, Happy Kwaanza the horse, Feliz Navidad (actual proununciation is more like felipnobbydadas) the bunny, July and Baby July the ponies, Senwah (no idea how to spell this) the cat, Otto the elephant, Otto the dragonfly and Otto the pony
A christmas card
A dish towel (not sure if it was clean)
A bathroom towel (Again not sure if it was clean)
Empty play-doh jars and lids
A number of Ingrid's toys that were "missing"
National Geographic animal trading cards
The best part of her full bed - our family isn't totally overrun by toys anymore.

The first time ever I...

Ate baby food...

Sat-up unassisted for a photo

Tonight we're gonna party like it's...

2008! Yes - we're all in bed by 9pm. But before that we made pipe-cleaner hats and drank apple juice and champagne to celebrate. In addition - I got gussied up for the event in a lovely pair of NEON green track pants with a camel-colored sweater. Wow - can't believe I still own those pants.