Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thanksgiving Part II

Becky and Ingrid
Tired Baby...

We celebrated Thanksgiving with the Kotniks at Zak's house. Again another fabulous meal.

Zak with the big bird.
We have about 10 of these dinner shots. Cody REALLY loves the self-timer feature on our camera.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Driver's Ed tip

My driver's lisence expired about a month ago and I did not want to take two little kids with me to the DMV so I went on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving because my mom could watch the girls. Brilliant! There was no wait. The staff were totally relaxed and funny and I got a SUPER good picture.

Thanksgiving - Part I

We celebrated Thanksgiving a couple of times this year. Grandma Shirley hosted a wonderful meal at her house on Thursday. Fran, Vi, Derek, Cody, the girls and I all attended.

Ingrid watching football on Great-Grandpa Fran's lap.

Fran, Vi, Ingrid and Greta. Greta went for the tradtional Thanksgiving attire - underpants! Looking a little more refined...Self timer dinner shot...
We can finally take non-blurry close-ups. Here's little Ingrid.

Freeze Frame

Greta enjoying the first snowfall of the season.

We recently purchased a new camera and I'm finally are getting around to putting the photos on our site. I have no idea how to use the date function yet. These were taken at the end of November.